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We’re hinging on window load to be our re-entry point, because as Steve Souders pointed out, “font files block the window’s onload event from firing in IE and Firefox, but not Safari nor Chrome.” I’ve also added a 3 second bailout condition; this means if the page has not completely loaded in three seconds, we’re going to show it ...

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Jun 05, 2013 · Loading scripts this way is supported by everything that supports the async attribute, with the exception of Safari 5.0 (5.1 is fine). Additionally, all versions of Firefox and Opera are supported as versions that don’t support the async attribute conveniently execute dynamically-added scripts in the order they’re added to the document anyway.

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Aug 03, 2010 · The user didn't ask for a way to make Chrome "work." Not trying to be harsh, but this is another reason IT has a reputation for being pompous. He asked how to specifically do something and some people let their prejudices get in their way of offering sound advice. Just my 2 cents. Not meant to offend, but maybe improve communications.

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May 19, 2011 · Meaning, that if an image link or css reference is to a non-existent image, Firefox warns that the page is not secure. To my knowledge, Firefox versions previous to 3.something, did not behave like this. Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and every other non-Firefox browser that I tested don’t care about broken images.

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Firefox 38 for the desktop is available for download now on Firefox.com, and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. As always, the Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play. Note that there is a separate download for Firefox 38 without the DRM support.

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This way, Bing will be automatically deselected. The procedure is similar for the other popular web browsers. The fix isn’t nearly as easy if malicious code is involved. The Bing redirect virus will prevent you from changing the default search engine via the commonplace technique. The search providers may be grayed out and not clickable.

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Sep 21, 2016 · IE makes a request to the directory in which the page is located; Safari, Chrome, Firefox 3 and earlier make a request to the actual page itself. This behavior could possibly corrupt user data, waste server computing cycles generating a page that will never be viewed, and in the worst case, cripple your servers by sending a large amount of ...

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The images will not load until you set the Settings back to the default. In case you do not wish to manually modify any settings in Firefox and would prefer using an extension, then you can grab the Image Block extension for Firefox that lets you easily enable and disable the automatic loading of images in your browser. It adds a toggle button ...

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May 22, 2015 · “Blocked by Content Security Policy. This page has a content security policy that prevents it from being embedded in this way. Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it.” I’m not sure what to do in order to fix it.

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Jan 14, 2019 · Brave is way safer than Chrome and Firefox as its a privacy focused browser. The Brave Shields work to protect your PC, Laptop or mobile phone against malware & other malicious scripts. One of the things that Brave is known for is the possibility of blocking ads and trackers as well as blocking scripts.

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Jun 12, 2016 · Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it. Also on Chrome it brings up a blank page. I have no issues accessing it on Epic browser, UCweb and surprisingly shows well on Google Chrome mobile.
WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. The WebSocket protocol was standardized by the IETF as RFC 6455 in 2011, and the WebSocket API in Web IDL is being standardized by the W3C.
Jul 31, 2020 · How to Block Any Site in Firefox To restrict access to a specific site in Firefox, you’re going to need an add-on called Block Site. The add-on is straightforward to use and has options when it comes to customizing how you want it to work. To block a site, go to the website you want to block and click on the add-on icon.
Oct 20, 2020 · Enter your desired home page in the “Homepage” field, but DO NOT press return! At the top of the window, click any of the other icons (eg, Tabs, AutoFill, etc). You may see a prompt asking for confirmation for changing the home page. If so, confirm. Switch back to the General page and check to make sure the home page has been changed.

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If you get an error in Firefox stating that it prevented a page from loading, then go ahead and follow the detaild steps written in this guide. Firefox preventing from opening pop-up windows can't open anything else - This happen when Firefox has difficulties opening up pretty much any kind of content.
The style button works the same way the "Style Editor" Section does, but allows doing style changes on the fly, without switching back and forth. It's slightly confusing for new users, but you've made it this far, so you're likely ready to bask in the glory of the 'Style' button! Style Button